April 2019

What you need to know when moving to Phoenix Arizona

It’s The Lamberts from Team EvoAZ with episode 9 of their podcast, R.E.A.L. with Matt and Katie. Is the heat THAT bad? Do scorpions attack? What about rattle snakes??!! Both originally from New Hampshire, Katie and Matt talk about what you need to know when moving to the Phoenix AZ area.

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Phoenix Real Estate Update

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We sold almost 2,000 more homes in March vs February.  Interest rates are in the low 4’s which is awesome.  We are down to 2.65 months inventory from 3.30 the month prior so it’s getting busier.  Out of the 23,147 properties that are either active or pending in the MLS, the average marketing time is just under 100 days.  Keep in mind this is average and many of the higher end homes (think $5M+) can remain active for a year or two before securing the perfect buyer.  Homes are selling within a reasonable amount of time if priced appropriately for the condition and location.  Schedule a call with Katie today to discuss current market conditions and get your questions answered.