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The Dog Days of Real Estate

Real estate is cyclical.  Every year we seem to have a bit of a spike in activity in the summer months beginning in April and lasting until the end of June.  It seems like that little summer spike has been a bit delayed this year as we still hover at the balanced market point into the early days of July.  I don’t know about you but I certainly turned my AC on earlier this year than I remember in the past.  Could it be that the Valley cooled off in the real estate world as we began to heat up outdoors?  Possibly.  Stay tuned for Fall 2014…the spike has yet to arrive.

New Listings Active Listings Sold Listings Months Inventory
Jun/2014 8,788 28,095 7,261 3.87
May/2014 10,053 28,692 7,507 3.82
Apr/2014 10,305 29,265 7,643 3.83
Mar/2014 10,863 29,448 6,696 4.40
Feb/2014 9,908 28,857 5,499 5.25


Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Sold In Phoenix From 6-23 to 6-30

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41996 N 100Th Way Scottsdale, AZ 85262 – Desert Mountain
5713 N Solano Cir. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – Desert Arroyos
4491 W Folley Pl. Chandler, AZ 85226 – Stellar Airpark Estates
6244 E Berneil Ln. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – Double Tree Acres Two
6801 E Berneil Ln. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – Sandringham
41407 N 102nd Pl. Scottsdale, AZ 85262 – Desert Mountain
5750 E Quartz Mountain Rd. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – La Place Du Sommet
7130 E Caballo Cir. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – Folkman Ranch Estates
14610 E Shadow Canyon Dr. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 – Shadow Canyon
6742 E San Juan Ave. Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 – Tierra Del Paraiso

Do Mortgage Interest Rates Matter? And…State Of The Real Estate Market June 2014

YES!!! Almost as much as the price of the home itself because the interest rate that you are being charged directly impacts the affordability of the home you want to own.

Here’s an example:

If the home that you are after is priced at $250,000 and you offer on the property today, your interest rate is likely to be approx 4%. Your principal and interest payment would be $1,193.54.

If you wait and interest rates go up even a half of a percent, that same purchase price will cost you $1,266.71. This is a difference of $73.17 a month!! That’s the cost of a week’s worth of groceries for some people and that’s all due to a 1/2 of a percent increase. Now, imagine what it would be if rates went up to 5% or 6%, which they have been in the not so distant past. You are talking $1, 342.05 and $1,498.88 respectively for that same $250k home.

What happens when you wait and the prices go up AND the interest rates go up? You will likely be buying much less house for the same money.

At this time, interest rates are very low and pricing seems to be somewhat stable. This is the busiest time of year though and we anticipate that to change on a dime especially since our listing inventory indicates that we are in a sellers market.

Advice to Buyers: Get your home NOW. Waiting will cost you MONEY. Advice to Sellers: You still need to be the prettiest or the least expensive home on the block to have the most activity at this very moment. Make sure you are using every trick in the book to accomplish this including an attractive marketing package. If you don’t know what that means, call us!

New Listings Active Listings Sold Listings Months Inventory
May/2014 9,809 29,284 7,448 3.93
Apr/2014 10,306 29,250 7,664 3.82
Mar/2014 10,863 29,386 6,700 4.39
Feb/2014 9,908 28,809 5,500 5.24
Jan/2014 11,117 27,072 4,821 5.62
Dec/2013 6,271 26,575 5,832 4.56


Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Sold In Phoenix 5-5-14 to 5-12-14

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4142 N Golf DR Buckeye, AZ 85396 – Verrado
13669 E Aster DR Scottsdale, AZ 85259 – Scottsdale Mountain
9820 E Thompson Peak PKWY 604 Scottsdale, AZ 8525 – DC Ranch
6216 E Shea BLVD Scottsdale, AZ 85254
10438 E Balancing Rock RD Scottsdale, AZ 85262 – Candlewood Estates
35705 N 40TH ST Cave Creek, AZ 85331
14336 E Dancing Bears CT Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 – Crestview at Fountain Hills
4507 E Vermont AVE S Phoenix, AZ 85018 – Rancho Marizona
7966 E Santa Catalina DR Scottsdale, AZ 85255
9820 E Thompson Peak PKWY 723 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 – DC Ranch

Hot Weather, Hot Market?

The real estate market is getting hotter and hotter as we enter the summer season.  We are under 4 months inventory which means we are in a sellers market.  Some sellers may not have realized this yet so, if you are a buyer making offers now, expect multiple offer situations real soon if it hasn’t happened already.  Time to step on the gas pedal, buyers.  Interest rates are down at the moment but may not last and the deeper and deeper into a sellers market we get, the higher home prices will go as well.

New Listings Active Listings Sold Listings
April/2014 10,138 29,810 7,667
March/2014 10,627 29,823 6,704
February/2014 9,667 29,213 5,463
January/2014 11,117 26,988 4,839
December/2013 6,064 26,470 5,971
November/2013 8,287 27,127 5,207


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