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Did my house increase in value since 2014?

Wondering if your home increased in value since this time last year?  Here are the numbers.  We are down more than a month in inventory since then.  Most homes / areas have realized a nice increase in value.  Since different areas of the Valley perform at different rates, text 480.250.0023 for your specific value quote.  You can call or email ( too.  Happy Summer!

Money Recently saved for our home sellers = $45k!! How?

In the last 4 weeks, we’ve saved $15k and two sales for two Team Evolution home sellers.  How?  Here are their quick stories:

Picture a family of 4 with one on the way.  The kiddo’s are both still in diapers.  Mom and Dad had to move quickly and unexpectedly for a job transfer and had to sell their AZ residence as quickly as possible and for the most money possible for the move.  4 agents had visited the home before us and all 4 quoted at or around $5k for a “plumbing issue” while also horribly undervaluing the home (by at least $20k).  These agents lacked knowledge and vision.  Enter Team Evolution… once the family was moved our crews began cleanup, landscaping, and repair.  For less than $1,000 the home was sparkling clean and ready for its new buyers…at a price that was $30k higher than the lowest quote one of the other agents gave the family.  Oh and we found the buyer BEFORE the house even hit the MLS saving the family tons of time and money in holding costs.  The home closed 4 weeks later.  The family is now settled into their new home with an extra $35k in their pockets. 


Fast forward a few weeks to another set of Team Evolution sellers that just accepted a cash offer on their home on acreage (closing in two weeks).  The inspector had suggested a complete replacement or repair of the patio roof.  We received that request and were given the option to either remedy the situation or allow for an additional $10k off the price of the home.  Now, this home is only 8 years old and a complete replacement of the roof doesn’t really make sense nor would a repair cost anywhere near $10k.  We advised our sellers to remedy the situation.  The roofer charged them $800 all in.  Boom… we just saved $9,200 thanks to Team Evolution and their experience, expertise, and attention to detail! 

When choosing real estate representation, know who you are working with!  If you can’t confirm that there is experience, a consistent and successful track record, and plenty of knowledge under their belts…you may want to move on.  Oh and a complete construction crew at their fingertips is a must too! 

Market Update! June 2015

We are down almost an entire months inventory since this time last year.  Many sellers are seeing multiple offers and prices are rising.  If you’re buying and you’re tired of the bidding wars, give us a call.  We have a few tricks up our sleeve.  Thinking of selling?  You should be on the market now.  480-250-0023

Should you Remodel it, Refi it, or List it?

April’s numbers roll in, we are seeing even more of a dip in inventory levels and feeling a very noticeable serge in the Phoenix housing market.  Interest rates still remain incredible low and most people are faced with the decision to remodel and sell (or flip it) for more profit, refinance it, or list it as is for a profit.  All three of these are options in this market and many of our clients are taking advantage of them.  Contact us at480.250.0023 or for details.

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