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A New Season Started!!

With 10 evenly matched teams enrolled in season 12, Im sure it will make for some nail bitters!  As we saw in the first day of games between Tyrannosaurus Rekt & Danger Zone. With a strong come back to tie it up in the final minutes Danger zone much like Kenny Loggins just could not pull it off. Tyrannosaurus Rekt last season’s champs pulled off the win.

This Seasons Tourney will be 6/13/15. Make sure you are there or your team will forever hate your guts….well maybe not that extreme, but I’m sure some discomfort in an ongoing friendship will be felt. lol


Dodgeball, a sport that brings back child hood memories, but also packs a mean competitive punch! The perfect outlet for stress release after a long day of work related shit!  No better way to forget about life for a while than band together with your once a week squadron and head out onto the battlefield. This sport has the potential of bring perfect strangers together to form that perfect couple…Cheesy I know!! But even the strongest of men and woman have to appreciate love found on the dodge ball court!  Over the last 2+ years NDO has paved the path of love for four awesome people who just recently became engaged. Hats off you guys!

Brandon Putman & Rachel Sacket

Brandon Putman & Rachel Sacket

Jason Gavin & Priscilla Silva

Jason Gavin & Priscilla Silva

We only wish you the best and a life full of happiness, babies, oh…and of course DODGEBALL!!!!

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