Customer Says

Katie Halle Lambert and her team our amazing. If you our looking to buy or sell. Katie is by far the best I have ever worked with. We wouldn’t choose anyone else ever. Give her a call for all your real estate needs you won’t be disappointed I promise.
Brandon S. Holtzman
July 13th, 2020
We worked with Alex Darugar who was knowledgeable, accommodating, responsive, and unfailingly polite and professional throughout the process. We'd recommend him and the team at EvoAZ to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.
Elizabeth Aguiar
June 28th, 2020
Only two words can describe Katie Halle Lambert (and the team at EvoAZ); THE BEST. I can't imagine going through a stressful real estate transaction (aren't they ALL stressful?) with anyone else on our side. Katie is conscientious, knowledgeable, and gets the job DONE. We sold our house in ONE day (yes, ONE day) for $15k OVER asking price, purchased another home (with a small discount, too!), and closed both simultaneously. We had a few hiccups along the way, but in the end it all went smooth and we are loving our new home. Katie was also able to recommend people for repairs and estimates, movers, and other business to help with the transition. I bought a home almost 8 years ago in 2012 with Katie as my agent, and knew back then that I'd never use anybody else. And again in 2020, she knocked it out of the park. Thanks Katie Halle Lambert, Matthew Lambert, Susie, and everyone at EvoAZ for all the hard work!
Ian Eric
June 23rd, 2020
Loved working with Susan Waggoner. We beat 10 other offers because of her stellar negotiating skills, Our house closed in under 30 days and appraised for more than we offered. She was always available and made the whole home buying process a breeze.
Orlando McBride
May 27th, 2020
My experience with Susie was borderline magnificent. She was always on time and professionally dressed. There was not an question she could not answer fully.Susie is the epitome of a person who is steeped in experience and professionalism. I had moved from NYC and was completely clueless about Arizona. Susie allayed my fears and worries and got me into a lovely apartment smoothly and quickly.
May 27th, 2020
My wife and I recently remodeled our first long-loved house with the end decision for us to list it with Team EvoAZ, and hopefully find something bigger. We started at the beginning of the Team EvoAZ train by listing our house. From the beginning, it was very apparent that Team EvoAZ had their game together, compartmentalizing every stage, giving us the best and strongest members of their team to help us through each process. It all started with Matt showing up with the photographer. After my review of Team EvoAZ's website and knowing Matt was the brains behind Team EvoAZ’s house remodels, I was thankful for his presence. The photographer and Matt really pulled out all the new modern flair of our recent remodel, with all the pictures turning out amazing. After the photo shoot with Matt, we moved down the train to Katie, who handled our listing and advertising of the house. She was a blessing and great at her job. Katie was always on top of her game texting, emailing, and notifying us of pending viewings. She was always available for any questions, anytime, and made sure we knew Team EvoAZ was here for us and we could lean on them for anything. Due to our recent remodel, our house was rather flashy, so viewings were strong and my wife and I had the pleasure of getting plenty of contact with Katie. She was fun, positive and funny, making this step feel like it went too fast, because in no time our house sold at top dollar. It turned out to be an easy, successful sale with my wife and I onto the next step of Team EvoAZ train experience...finding our dream house. This part was rather worrisome due to the market in Arizona being on fire, so houses were flying off the market, but Team EvoAZ sent us their top-gun Realtor, Alex. This guy was just awesome in every way. After the first three viewings, I was making the guy go have beers with us. Alex had us dialed in and knew exactly what we wanted after the first two days of looking. Knowing that the market was hot, Alex had showings for us daily, always knew what a house was really worth compared to what the seller was asking, and just like that, Alex found us our dream house. He had the showing scheduled for us just hours after the listing was posted on MLS and our offer in and accepted by the seller - same day. Alex even stuck with us through the closing of the house, answering any and all questions that came up, dealing with the seller's agent, and showing up at our home inspection - I truly miss the guy. We can’t be more thankful to you guys for such a smooth and fun experience...something you don’t think is possible when buying and selling a house.
Shawn Thacker
May 26th, 2020
Team Evo AZ are the best group of Realtors in the valley. They are professional, responsive, know the Arizona market, and have unparalleled service. The sign of a great agent is how well they can negotiate. Team Evo AZ always negotiate to make sure their clients are getting the best home and the best deal available. I highly recommend using Team Evo AZ for any Real Estate needs.
Ryan Gilliam
May 25th, 2020
Katie is a rock star when it comes to real estate expertise! From start to finish the experience we had with Katie and her team was absolutely amazing! To only give Katie and her team 5 stars seems low, they need 20 stars! The photo shoot for our house was stellar and having Katie to go back and forth and deal with the tough stuff with the buyer was priceless. I recommend Katie to all my friends and to complete strangers as they are the the best of hands with her!
May 14th, 2020
Susan was amazing at helping me find my next home! Thank you for your hard work.
Monique Sadberry
March 25th, 2020