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Hot Weather, Hot Market?

The real estate market is getting hotter and hotter as we enter the summer season.  We are under 4 months inventory which means we are in a sellers market.  Some sellers may not have realized this yet so, if you are a buyer making offers now, expect multiple offer situations real soon if it hasn’t happened already.  Time to step on the gas pedal, buyers.  Interest rates are down at the moment but may not last and the deeper and deeper into a sellers market we get, the higher home prices will go as well.

New Listings Active Listings Sold Listings
April/2014 10,138 29,810 7,667
March/2014 10,627 29,823 6,704
February/2014 9,667 29,213 5,463
January/2014 11,117 26,988 4,839
December/2013 6,064 26,470 5,971
November/2013 8,287 27,127 5,207


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