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Affordable and Holding!

We’re in LOVE with the interest rates.  Even though the home prices are still climbing in the Valley of the Sun, the interest rates are not and many buyers are finding it wonderfully affordable (yep, more affordable than renting) to become homeowners.  Inventory levels are still low meaning it’s still great to be a seller and probably will be through the fall of 2017.

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Phew! A Little Relief in The Market…

July’s inventory levels are a little higher than June which is common this time of year here in AZ however they aren’t much higher.  We are still at less than 3 months inventory Valley-wide and that’s a healthy sellers market.  Good news coming out of the mortgage industry for conventional home buyers.  If your Debt To Income levels have been keeping you from qualifying then it’s time to try again.

Holding Steady

Wow!  We are still low in inventory and buyers are still out snatching up property before the rates increase.  Some buyers and sellers are having great luck with our “off MLS list”.  This is our list of homes for sale that you cannot find on Zillow or  Email me to get the list and see what all the fuss is about!

The Importance Of The OFF MLS List!

Listing inventory is low, low, low here in AZ!!  Buyers are competing for homes and sellers are selling more quickly than they initially thought they would.  The market is moving fast here in the Phoenix area!  If you are a buyer, combat it by asking for details on our OFF MLS homes list.

Signs of the Summer “Slow Down” Already in Phoenix?

With less homes sold and more active listings in the month of April vs March, we could be feeling the summer slow down a little early.  What’s that mean for you?  How can you be strategic about your purchase or sale?  Let’s talk.  Advice is still free


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